Presenting your home for sale

First impressions are lasting impressions

Our team has many years experience in successfully assisting people prepare their homes for sale. It is our aim to assist you to achieve a result beyond your expectation.

Part of this process is working with you to make sure your home is presented to its best advantage and has the maximum appeal for buyers. Experience tells us that sprucing up your home is well worth the effort and usually has a positive impact on the price.

We suggest you consult with us before you carry out any major maintenance or alteration, but meanwhile there are many small, inexpensive ways of making your home more appealing and more saleable.

Take a step back and view your home through a buyer's eyes, perhaps have a critical look from remember that's where buyers are going to get their first impressions.

Inside your home

* Remove all unnecessary furniture and clutter to create an impression of space and allow easy the house
* Clear all the clutter off kitchen benches
* Steam clean the carpets
* Replace any faulty light globes with more powerful ones
* Attend to minor repairs such as dripping taps, creaking doors and sticking windows
* Make sure all appliances are clean and operating efficiently
* Clean bathrooms and toilets regularly
* Ensure all tiling and grouting is clean and in good condition
* Put fresh, fluffy towels in the bathrooms
* Add a bowl of fresh fruit to the kitchen bench for colour
* Clean flyscreens and fireplaces
* Make sure curtain tracks are gliding properly (if not use silicone spray, soap or candle wax on them)
* Check that all doors open and close freely (oil them if necessary)
* Clean mirrors, windows, exhaust fans and range hoods
* Remove posters from bedroom walls (they make rooms appear messy & smaller)
* Keep ashtrays clean or remove them altogether
* Tidy cupboards (someone may open them)
* Remove dirty linen, especially nappy buckets, from the living & kitchen areas
* Remove pet bowls and litter trays from living and kitchen areas
* Brighten up your home with fresh flowers or dried arrangements

The Exterior
Cast a critical eye over the entrance to make sure it says ‘welcome'

* Invest in a new doormat
* Dust & wash the front door
* Freshen exterior paintwork
* Repair broken windows
* Clean out gutters & downpipes
* Dust & wash window sills
* Remove cobwebs
* Clean windows
* Wash spoutings and facias
* Check garden & exterior lights to make sure they're all operating, cobweb-free and clean
* Wash the garden door, make sure it operates properly and make sure the garage is tidy

Outdoor Entertaining Areas
Many buyers purchase a lifestyle and an attractive well-maintained outdoor area can have a lot of appeal

* If you have a pool make sure it is sparkling clean in summer and winder, open garden umbrellas and clean outdoor settings
* Ponds and fountains should be filled with clean water and be mosquito-free
* Sweep up leaves regularly and give timber decking a coat of oil if it is looking shabby
* Keep children's bikes and garden accessories neatly stored and clear of pathways

In the Garden

Your garden doesn't have to be a horticultural paradise but if it's tidy and well kept it will create a good impression on buyers:

* Mow the lawns regularly
* Trim all the edges
* Turn over the soil and weed garden beds
* Sweep paths and the driveway
* Remove any rubbish and garden clippings
* Store toys and garden tools out of sight
* Trim any trees and shrubs covering windows
* Remove oil spills from the driveway
* Repair, straighten or repaint fences
* Ensure your letterbox is secure and in good condition
* Remove pet droppings regularly

Tips for Open House and Inspections

* Open all curtains and bedroom doors to ensure there is an abundance of natural light
* Turn lamps on to create a welcoming atmosphere even during the day
* Create a comfortable atmosphere inside; cool in summer and warm in winder. Open fires are particularly appealing in winter
* Play soft background music to promote a mellow, welcoming environment and turn off the television set
* Use essential oils, candles and fragrant perfumes but make sure they're subtle
* Keep pets out of the house and if possible out of the garden during inspections