Tenancy Application Form



When completing the application form try to provide as much information as possible whilst making sure that your handwriting is clear and easily visible.


Please make sure that all compulsory signatures are signed as failure to sign compulsory signatures will prevent your application from being processed.

There are 2 compulsory signatures listed in the application form one of which can be located under section (E) ENTITLED DECLARATION whilst the other can be found on the 3RD AND FINAL PAGE UNDER THE TRADING REFEFENCE AUSTRALIA DISCLOSURE.


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Who is required to submit an application form?

Any adult who wishes to be on the lease must submit an application form.

Documentation Required with Rental Application.

When attaching your supporting documentation please ensure that the copies are clear and easily visible.


We require 100 points worth of I.D. one of which must be photo identification. SEE Section 8.


We also require documentation that verifies your current income. Accepted documents include:-

Your last pay slip, current work contract or group certificate etc.

If you are self-employed and cannot submit these documents we then require:-

Your accountant’s details and your ABN number


If you are currently renting and the property is managed through a real estate ask your managing agent for a Tenancy Ledger. A tenancy ledger is a rental transaction history that proves your rental payments for that property. If the property is managed privately then you must submit your landlord’s details so that we are able to contact them to ask them a few routine questions in regard to your tenancy.

If you are a student/or have been living at home and therefore have no rental history as yet, it is a good idea to get a parent to complete an application form- with enough information attached to provide information on ability to support the rental payments eg. proof of income/or if home owners a rates notice, (they must complete an application form with a letter of guarantor attached as just a letter of guarantor is not enough).

Residing in Own Property

If you are currently residing in your own property supplying us with ONE the following documents will prove your residence.

Council rate notice, Certificate of title or Contract for sale of land.

Submitting Applications

We accept the applications and relevant documents by Trading Reference Australia (TRA)

Fax: 9550 1989 or scan and email: rentals@kellys.com.au

Or dropping them into our office at 104 King Street Newtown NSW 2042

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