"Cathy Mastronardo has been our Residential Property Manager for less than half a year but already has made a hugely favourable impression on us. Here’s why: On 5th March our tenant of many years gave notice of vacating on the 29th. Cathy immediately set the wheels in motion for an inspection, Photographs taken and the unit advertised. All standard practice at Kellys until we informed her that we wanted to take the opportunity to repaint, recarpet and replace all the blinds. With time running out to Easter Cathy got quotes for all these projects. Then she persuaded the painters to begin work on Easter Friday, with the carpet layers to follow on Easter Monday and Tuesday, the blinds to follow shortly. The new tenants were able to sign their lease on Friday 6th April. So the unit was unrented for only 8 days. Not bad Cathy of Kellys ... Not bad at all!"

Terence Glynn